Wild Cosmetics launches with new naturally derived deodorant range

What took my fancy about new company Wild Cosmetics, was that their products are answering a very real demand for natural deodorants. As is very on trend at the moment, you can set up a subscription to get them delivered to your door – or indeed you can buy them direct as a one off purchase.

You can choose a deodorant stick or a roll on, and there are four varieties to choose from:

Mint and Eucalyptus

Rose and Geranium

Lemon and Thyme

And for those of you who feel that those are just a tad too fancy, then there is also an Unfragranced option!

What’s more, all of those little nasties, that can cause irritation to your sensitive skin are all missing from the ingredient list. Aluminium, parabens and sulphates are all commonly found Antiperspirants, but not in these deodorants.

The range is also vegan friendly and never tested on animals – so you can sleep easy knowing that this product is ethical too!

But how does it work you say?

Wild use active naturals to combat the smell of sweat whilst still allowing your body to sweat, which they see as a natural and important process used by your body to remove toxins and regulate temperature. 

The Roll-On range comes in glass with refill bottles that will reduce plastic use by more than 80% vs normal deodorants.

Company owners Freddy and Charlie are embarking on this business venture with a wealth of experience and a keen eye for ethical products.


“As a market dominated by a few large incumbents we believe the deodorant category is ripe for disruption for smaller more agile, transparent and personalised brands which is what we hope to deliver with the launch of Wild.”


“As knowledge about the environmental effect of single use plastic and unsustainable business practices grows, consumers are beginning to demand a higher standard of product that has a positive impact ecologically. Wild will look to meet and exceed this demand. We feel we are in a position to create positive change and that’s exactly what we aim to do.”

This might just be the product for you.

It’s a business start up with a unique USP and one that focuses on natural ingredients and a good fusion of scents.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I will.

Every start-up needs support and with this product and brand authenticity, this is a campaign that that I can get behind.

So if you want to support these chaps and Wild Cosmetics, why not use the link below to support their kickstarter campaign and for your support you could also get your hands on some of the product.

CLICK HERE to support wild cosmetics

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