As the season of sun, sand & sea is now officially underway, I start to think about a few ways that I can improve my experience of Summer even from the office!

Looking good and feeling confident is especially important in the warmer months (it’s all the shirtless time, in short shorts and beachwear, which for me requires the additional inner confidence!). So it’s key to get a routine in place that will leave you feeling revived for those long Summer Nights.

A Breath of Fresh Air – Lush

Shooting to and from meetings, dashing through the commute to pick up the boy from Nursery and taking in a pint of some theatre in the evening, can really take a toll on your skin. If you are anything like me, then this means a build up of surface oils and a lot of shine! But rest assure that this product from Lush (A Breath of Fresh Air) is just the subtle thing you are looking for.

Essentially a toner water, its mineral-rich, featuring carrageenan seaweed extract and rose absolute to tone and balance the skin. (And don’t run for the hills because of the mention of rose! This doesn’t smell like your grandma at all, but I do find that the rose is soothing to warm skin and helps tackle any redness or inflammation). This is perfect to use when you need to cool down, and when you need to freshen up in a hurry! It also features one of my favourite ingredients patchouli oil – which is cooling and astringent on the skin.

Just spray on to the face and let dry or use a cotton pad to start a full toning experience!

Fresh and Dry Balls – Below The Belt

If you haven’t heard of Below the Belt, where have you been?

With a whole range of products with the specific purpose of making men more comfortable underneath their underwear – you know the team have got your best interests at heart!

With heat comes more sweat, which means more discomfort for the active modern man especially below the belt. There are certainly medical concerns related to too much heat down there, even affecting your sperm count! From a cooling spray to an anti-chafe lubricant, there’s something for your every need, but “fresh and dry balls” is a long lasting solution to Betty Swollox!

Simply apply after showering and begin to feel the improvement immediately. For those more athletic fella out there, then the Below the Belt Sports Lubricant is a gym bag essential whether it’s Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall!

H20 on the go! Ion8

Keeping well hydrated is vital. It’s the essence of good skin care to start with! So by drinking more water you will be setting your self up for whatever this summer has in store for you.

With the spotlight being on single use plastic, and rightly so, it’s important that we all do our bit to limit the damage that we are doing to the planet – and that we use our individual platforms to make changes in the companies that we work for – our voices and actions can really make a difference.

On a personal level I have been using my #gifted Ion8 bottle to make sure I always have water on the go, and avoid the single use plastic bottles. The benefits for the environment are obvious, but a bottle like this is also offers us users some great benefits too – a safety catch avoiding any leaks on the daily commute and this bottle also retains coolness for much longer – meaning a better tasting water at all times. Add to that a spout that means ice cubes can easily be added, and drinking water is a whole different experience.

Perfect for the beach, by the pool or on a touristy open top bus – the possibilities are endless and you can refill at your leisure!

Moisture Wicking Boxer-Briefs – Kennies

There are many fantastic underwear brands out there, changing the shape, style, and feel of men’s underwear for the better. But with a son who likes to explore I can already see that we will be spending a lot of our family time this summer out in the open, being active and when it rains dancing in the kitchen!!!

With this in mind, I had to head straight to kenniesuk for their moisture-wicking boxerbriefs. What I love about these are that they are so comfortable (so much so you sort of forget you are wearing them!) They eliminate chafing which, let’s face it, no one wants to experience if they can avoid it! And dbecause of the longer cut I would be happy to go for a paddle in a stream or something in them without the whole scenario being too scandalous.

For me I expect a whole lot more from my underwear than I used to, and so I am happy to pay a little extra for my specific needs. With Kennies you feel like these pants have been tailored to you, and that is the best underwear experience that you can ask for.

Summer is going to be a whole lot more comfortable!!!

Skyda SPF 50 – Gruum

We all know that being out in the sun is not good for us, I mean it’s the number 1 cause of skin cancer. Add to that how it ages your skin, and the conclusion is surely that we should be wearing a decent sun protection?

You want a product that offers a high level of protection from UVA and UVB and also something that is kind to your skin.

Gruum has collaborated with Altruist sunscreen to produce a sunscreen formula that is non-greasy, kind to sensitive skin and hypoallergenic and I have to say that this is a lovely product. My favourite thing about it is that it doesn’t sit o. The surface of the skin, it absorbs nicely and doesn’t leave you all sticky! It’s also water – resistant so you are all set for the beach or the pool.

Vegan and Paraben free, there aren’t any nasties that could irritate your skin. I decided to opt for the factor 50 as I am looking for an everyday product for my face, that will see me through summer (and through the other seasons too!)

I have also used this on my son and the hypoallergenic formula was suitable for his sensitive skin too!

Just add it to your skin and rub in like a moisturiser – then you are on your way, knowing that you have sun protection on your side!

So get your confidence together this summer – and show the world that we can look good in all shapes and sizes if you wear it with pride!


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