ThatIsBeyond… “Chatham up” shoes for the man about the town!

There is so much judgement when it comes to shoes. Not only do YOU have to like them, but it seems that every other person in the world does too! Factor in comfort, and suddenly the whole issue becomes a little more complicated!  Escape Driving Shoes Chatham shoes are a quality British made shoe company, […]

ThatIsBeyond…Lacoste Footwear SSI6 May the Croc be with you!

Hey Footwear Fans!!! May the Croc Be With You! I was so excited to be invited to view the 2016 footwear collection from Sports Legend brand Lacoste. As a huge fan of their footwear lines, it is great to get an exclusive preview of next season’s must have items, as well as getting the opportunity […]

ThatIsBeyond… a best of British footwear collaboration

Personally, I love a good collaboration (especially if Marks and Spencer are one of the collaborators) and I feel like this will be no exception! M&S Menswear have joined forces with Norman Walsh Footwear to create some casual essential footwear for Autumn/Winter. Tied in nicely with the M&S mantra of Quality British Menswear, the Norman […]

Thatisbeyond…A chance to talk about shoes!

Thatisbeyond…a chance to talk about shoes! I used to be a bit of a shoe fiend! My collection was sizeable and I had multiples of the same shoes, trainers, boots & flip flops in different colours! But this was all to change. One day I realised that my daps were dilapidated, my trainers tired & […]