ThatIsBeyond… a best of British footwear collaboration

Personally, I love a good collaboration (especially if Marks and Spencer are one of the collaborators) and I feel like this will be no exception!
M&S Menswear have joined forces with Norman Walsh Footwear to create some casual essential footwear for Autumn/Winter. Tied in nicely with the M&S mantra of Quality British Menswear, the Norman Walsh Brand are wholly British owned, manufactured and designed.
This amazing sports footwear will feature in the AW15 Best of British Collection available from October 2015.

 Established in 1961, Norman Walsh holds 50 years’ experience in manufacturing 100% British made performance footwear. With even their soles sourced from a British supplier, Walsh footwear offers a diverse range of sports shoes all handcrafted in their factory in Bolton, UK.

 They are crafted from high quality luxury leather and suede and will be available in grey and black, both with a contrasting white sole and in a traditional running style. They are manufactured to give great comfort, allowing feet to breathe.

As my aching limbs are getting older, I just want to be in comfortable footwear all the time. I have a feeling that me and these trainers may prove to be exceptional friends. With their stylish and simple lines, I love the muted pallet of the grey pair, and they will literally go with everything.
These are the perfect relaxed weekend footwear for any age and their stylish design will never be confused with your gym trainers! As to the fit of them… I have yet to get my hands on a pair! I guess I will have to join the rest of you, in a queue, in October!!!!
Until then keep an eye on: for all of the upcoming news on their release to store and online.

M&S Menswear: Collaboration with Norman Walsh Footwear. Available in October for £99 

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