ThatIsBeyond…Any excuse to dress up!

Some items of clothing have the ability to make you feel amazing. This can be anything from a decent pair of pants to a bespoke suit, a shiny pair of shoes to a raggedy old t-shirt. Mainly I want to talk about my special formalwear items, that make me feel like the best man that […]

ThatisBeyond…THE necessities for festive cheer.

I like to be prepared! But the truth is that I am so busy that I sometimes forget the odd function or trip, and a last minute quick fix is needed. As the festive season approaches,the probability of this happening to me gets greater and greater! Between work, family, my play and of course being […]

ThatIsBeyond…”The Apprentice” fever – a sharply dressed bunch!

I love the apprentice. Yes it’s about business, and yes they somehow manage to find some of the most dislikeable, ignorant & egotistical business minds, but on top of all of that the trend has been that we are seeing better and better dressing from the male candidates. I looked up from episode 2 last […]

That is beyond… A man of many ties!

Any outfit you wear should bring you confidence. Whether that confidence is in the flattering fit, the comfort, or it’s individuality. Let’s face it, the billions of pounds spent on underwear by men in this country, boils down to exactly those ideals. And their marketing campaigns are tailored to fit one of those niches. I […]