Thatisbeyond…An A 2 Z of Man Moisturisers!

Thatisbeyond… An A 2 Z of Man Moisturisers! We all know, that even if you do no other grooming whatsoever, every Man (or woman for that matter) should not be leaving the house without slapping on a decent moisturiser. It really is a simple as that. There are thousands on the market and all are […]

Thatisbeyond… A game changer!

It is my belief that any product can be added to your grooming routine, but what is much more special is a product that literally changes the way that you groom. Since I have embarked on this journey of reviews and trialling new products, I have come across loads of products that I like: and […]

That is beyond… The basics of skincare for the modern man!

Good morning, And welcome to the basics of good skincare. This blog isn’t going to look (too specifically) at brands of products, but instead a few simple steps to start you daily skincare routine off in the right way. (Depending on how quick you shower, this is a realistic 15 minute routine.) Firstly shower! Most […]

Thatisbeyond…0pulentia organics bergamot and patchouli body oil.

Opulentia Organics – Bergamot and Patchouli Body Oil I was contacted by OO, to see if there was something from their range that I might like to try*. Looking at their range online (, I was struck by this product and also several others that just seemed to be a little different from your average […]


HAPPY NEW YEAR! So to bring in the New Year, I thought i would write a post about one of my favourite discoveries of 2013…Bergamot! Now the pic that i have presented you may be a bit misleading (in the sense that this really isn’t a review of this Topman Aftershave as such) but instead […]