Today’s post is a daily look! This look is put together mainly to focus on some accessories that I have recently acquired. In my line of work, this type of styling is completely appropriate and benefits from transferring easily from day, to a post work drinks!

Working from a muted base of dark blue and grey, I have jumped full throttle into the realms of double denim. These two pieces are so different (that it barely counts) and they compliment each other nicely. There is some stretch in the denim of my grey long sleeved shirt and the fit is pretty good too. The Jeans are standard off of the rack affair in a dark wash, but there is a minimal twist to their cut which provides a better fit for my body shape!
The jeans were basics at around £15 and the shirt was a sale bargain from Matalan at £5. And of course my grey jacket with black piping ties the two together!

A pocket square is my new thing, I don’t wear a jacket unless a PS is adorning it in some way. I just think that it is a really fun way to “pep” up basics and make them look a bit different! In this instance I have cheated and used a swatch of fabric! Such a textured and tonal base can handle a lot of colour so this striped fabric with pink, yellow, blues and greens in its barcode style pattern is the perfect choice. I have folded it into a simple straight topped arrangement as this is not a flamboyant event, but for a more structured design, you can easily iron it into shape! It goes without saying that any fabric edges should be tucked away from view.

Next to my self named “Collar Pointies”! These golden accessories, are really clever little items that pin onto you clothing to make it look more unique. I like items like this because you really can change a basic item with very little effort. The are double pinned on the back and sit nicely on the collar, they also help weigh the collar down for a cleaner and sleeker line. These were £2 from ASOS (again in the sale) and I love them – they were also an excellent touch to last year’s Dracula outfit for Halloween!

This ring was a gift. I like it very much, but am not a massive jewellery wearer (short of my wedding ring and my St Christopher, I don’t even wear a watch!) but I wanted to give this ring an outing so today was the day! The metal has a diagonal etching on it, and what I like most about it is its chunkiness! It’s a dull finish rather than a shiny one and for a few quid, why the hell not!!!!!

My wooden beaded bracelets are a hark back to the beach fashion I used to wear. These are varnished beads in different tones, and for me that is the the key. I think it’s important that the texture of the wood and the variation in the colours contributes to the outfit as a whole. The wood, though warmer in colour compliments the sturdy nature of the denim. Less is always more, so two or three on one wrist rather than 10, Gentlemen!!!!

All in all this daily look delivers on many levels. Most importantly it is comfortable to wear, but also replays my my natural body contour and makes the most of my better features! The hair is purposefully mahoosive today, which also elongates my otherwise sturdy frame.

And that my friends is today’s daily look.


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