Thatisbeyond…Don’t worry be happy! In association with Happy Socks and Happy Days.

I have a bit of a penchant for vibrant socks. I think it began in the late eighties where neon sports socks seemed to be all the rage! As a student I was a hard worker and even head boy of my comprehensive school, but that did not mean I was a stranger to the odd detention! And the reason why?… Wearing brightly coloured socks!

As well as amazing socks, and underwear for all of the family Happy Socks are also on a mission to do some good for an equally as happy charity. Happy Days is a charity that helps children experience what life has to offer, providing day trips and short breaks to some of the UK’s most vulnerable young people.

Since starting out in 1992 they have helped almost 170,000 children with mental and physical disabilities, life limiting conditions, children who have been abused and young carers between the ages of three and seventeen. 

There are over 500,000 young people with special needs in the UK, many of them with severe mental health problems, physical disabilities and life-limiting illnesses. The financial strain on their families can be enormous and for some a simple trip to the seaside or a week’s holiday is beyond their means. 

For more info on this amazing charity CLICK HERE
Happy Socks & Happy Days are a match made in heaven, and to that end I will be joining them on Wenesday 3rd June (national running day) for their first ever early morning 5k to raise money for this worthy charity. 
Happy Socks have just released a new line of athletic, funky socks which you just might want to get your hands on! This is a much more athletic sock for those of us with a sporty inclination and a propensity for fun!

The run is open to all, with a small £3 donation per runner to be donated to Happy Days Charity. There will be 30% off the Athletic collection until Wednesday 3rd June available at their Seven Dials store; of which all proceeds will be donated to Happy Days.

The run will start at 7.30am meeting at the Happy Socks store in Seven Dials (62 neal street), and the run will commence from there. 

To RSVP and participate in the run email Everyone participating in the run will be entered into a prize draw to win a pair of Happy Socks for each week of the year and a 3-month gym membership with Fitness First. In addition all runners will receive a 3-day complimentary pass to Fitness First. 

So why not join us for this very worthwhile event and get those athletic Happy Socks out in the open!
And if you enjoy socks or underwear of a funkier nature, here are some exemples. Alternatively CLICK HERE to visit the Happy Socks Website.





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