ThatIsBeyond…high fashion stakes in the world of weddings!

As a guy, times have changed! Dressing for a wedding is no longer a matter of just throwing on any old suit and tie. In fact the fashion stakes are higher than ever!  
Now that I spend more of my working life in a variation of the classic suit, it’s important to me that I am comfortable at social occasions, and I take pride in what I wear to big life events. I like my clothes to say something about me, but also fashion that makes me feel confident.

So what to wear for the joining together of two of my good friends? 

Three pieces? 

Double breasted? 

Black, Grey or blue? 

Here is what I chose:
This reasonably priced suit from Zara in primary blue, seems to tuck all the boxes. The fit is good, the bold colour is modern and bang on trend and most importantly I liked wearing it! I then began the search for complimentary accessories, and this is wear I came a cropper. Following many fashion brands and fashionistas on Instagram, I made the bold decision to go for a bright orange tie (which I love) but what did I discover? The combination read as an Easyjet flight attendant crossed with a Ryanair flight attendant!!!

This is not to say that the combination in general doesn’t work, but this specific orange, with this specific blue wasn’t quite gelling.

In the end I purchased a nice blue skinny tie with a houndstooth pocket square and I think it looked pretty sharp.


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