ThatIsBeyond…Lacoste Footwear SSI6 May the Croc be with you!

Hey Footwear Fans!!! May the Croc Be With You! I was so excited to be invited to view the 2016 footwear collection from Sports Legend brand Lacoste. As a huge fan of their footwear lines, it is great to get an exclusive preview of next season’s must have items, as well as getting the opportunity […]

ThatIsBeyond… Spring/ Summer trends at M&S.

Marks & Spencer unveiled their Spring/Summer collection this week, and so on your behalf, ThatIsBeyond has been investigating what this high street giant have on offer for all of  the menswear enthusiasts out there! Before I get into my personal highlights of the collection (of which there were many!) I thought I should also give you the […]

ThatIsBeyond… a best of British footwear collaboration

Personally, I love a good collaboration (especially if Marks and Spencer are one of the collaborators) and I feel like this will be no exception! M&S Menswear have joined forces with Norman Walsh Footwear to create some casual essential footwear for Autumn/Winter. Tied in nicely with the M&S mantra of Quality British Menswear, the Norman […]

ThatIsBeyond… If the shoe was on the other foot!

I thought it was time to discuss the decline in my exercise regime, and try to explain part of the reason that I have been absent from Twitter and my blog for a short while. It has been a combination of contributing factors, but mostly the tale starts with my Achilles heel… In my case, […]