ThatIsBeyond… Top ”Summer” Tips for the modern man!

As the season of sun, sand & sea is now officially underway, I start to think about a few ways that I can improve my experience of Summer even from the office! Looking good and feeling confident is especially important in the warmer months (it’s all the shirtless time, in short shorts and beachwear, which […]

ThatIsBeyond… Empty bottles from the man about the house!

In my house I am responsible for the majority of products adorning the shelves in our bathroom! Constantly trying new products and searching for the holy grail of skincare, my wife simply uses less stuff than I do! She is lucky because she is naturally beautiful, but for me a little more effort is required!So […]

ThatIsBeyond…Lacoste Footwear SSI6 May the Croc be with you!

Hey Footwear Fans!!! May the Croc Be With You! I was so excited to be invited to view the 2016 footwear collection from Sports Legend brand Lacoste. As a huge fan of their footwear lines, it is great to get an exclusive preview of next season’s must have items, as well as getting the opportunity […]

ThatIsBeyond… Flying like a bird (ish)

Those who know me, would not describe me as an adrenaline junkie! But those few, who know me really really well, would point out that I also love a good life experience. I spend a lot of my time in a perpetual state of stress and tension. It is one of the things that I […]

ThatIsBeyond… Exercising my right to enjoy exercise.

Who knew that exercise could be fun? I can’t be the last one to have been let in on the secret? Could I? 2015 has been about getting back into the swing of exercise, but without forcing my own hand. I enjoy many sports, but still I find myself gravitating to the same gym routine […]

ThatIsBeyond… Inspiration from 2014

I find this time of year to be reflective. I spend hours thinking of how the next year can be better than the previous one, and exploring what it is that I want to achieve with the next 365 days. I write this, having just had confirmation that a friend of mine has completed 12 […]