ThatIsBeyond…They call me Mellow Yellow – A yellow colour story

Give the Yellow card to full and lifeless products

The third of my series of posts exploring grooming products, accessories and underwear in simple to follow colour stories! This week’s instalment is They Call Me Mellow Yellow! Let’s bring some more colour into our lives and break through the dull! Want part 1? Red for Filth or part 2 Out of the Blue

Federico Mahora Pure Royal 914 – dupe for Jo Malone

A lasting fragrance which at first scent does read as Jo Malone Seasalt and Sage, but as it mixes with the air this is not a bad dupe at all for a fraction of the price!

Molton Brown Replenishing Hand Cream – Orange & Bergamot

Citrus goodness that moisturises deep into the hands! In Covid times we all need a decent hand cream and if it smells good too then all the better.

Box Menswear Boxerbriefs – Yellow

I love a bright colour and when I saw this amazing happy yellow, I knew I had to get them. So comfortable and stay in place really well. The “FeatureFit” design works well even on my massive thighs. I wish that box did their briefs in the same colour!

Bath and Bodyworks Pocketbac – warm Vanilla Sugar

As the fragrance suggests, a sweeter than sweet scent that gives you “cookies in the kitchen” vibes. The formulation of these pocketbacs is fantastic and not too sticky, and all of their scents are amazing!

Atelier Cologne Fragrance – Bergamot Soleil

This is pure citrus in a bottle – super refreshing and lasting throughout the day – definitely a unisex bottle that would enhance you summer holiday feels!

Mark’s and Spencer Signature Scent Burner Oil – Grapefruit and Ginger

A fantastic fragrance oil that literally fills the room with a fresh and fruity scent. I use mine in a dehumidifier to get the atmosphere really going.

Carmex Classic Moisturising Lip Balm – Cherry

This is a tingly cherry balm that really soothes the lips – a staple for the winter months this really is a classic must have product.

Molton Brown Bodywash – Orange & Bergamot

The same orangey fragrance as the hand cream and it is just great to freshen up your shower or bath time. Full size available at

7th Heaven Peel Off Mask – Manuka Honey

The benefits of this mask is amazing – leaving your skin rejuvenated and feeling fresh! I will level with you though, I hate the smell of honey so was holding my nose throughout 😳

Canary Yellow from Box Menswear

With Spring being officially in the air, I couldn’t not feature Yellow this weekend! I am loving these colour edits and enjoying sharing my products with you! Feel free to show some love on this post and comment below with what you like from my Yellow selection!


Note: none of these products were gifted. All opinions are my own and no money or product was received for a feature in this post.

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