ThatIsBeyond… A Colour Story – Red to filth

Are you RED -eee for this?

The first of a series of posts exploring grooming products, accessories and underwear in simple to follow colour stories! Let’s bring some more colour into our lives and break through the dull!

Bask Menswear Briefs – Red

Comfortable briefs with a great cut, and provide good support and sexy in equal measure! Visit

Soap and Glory Billy Wildhair Hair Sculpting Putty

Crazy sticky stuff that sculpts the hair into gravity defying looks! I don’t know if this is available anymore (I got it in a gift set) but it’s great stuff for statement hair!

Keep Calm Badge

I have no idea where I got this from! But I love it, it has followed me around from place to place and a badge m is a temporary way to brighten up any look.

Sunglasses (stolen from a show I was in)

I was in a show many moons ago and since then I have never lost sight of these bad boys! I remember buying them for the costume and they were £1. I love them so much!

Bath And Bodyworks Car Fragrance Refresher – Winter Candy Apple

Without a doubt the best type of car fragrance on the market – so good I get my bestie to send them to me from the US! Winter candy Apple is as good as it sounds they create lasting full on fragrance for months on end!

7th Heaven Passion Peel Off Mask – Pommegranate

I love a peel off mask to leave my skin feeling fresh and clear. These are pretty affordable and do the job nicely. Just have to avoid the facial hair areas as it gets a bit messy! Available in boots on this link

Molton Brown Bodywash – Pink Pepperpod

I was kindly bought a set of Molton Brown miniatures from a good friend of mine, and I couldn’t have been happier! This fragrance is mildly peppery and perks up bath time with this unisex scent. Full size available here.

Neutrogena refreshingly clear facial wash – Pink Grapefruit and Vitamin C

This is my ‘go to‘ high street oil-free facial wash and is zesty and zingy on the skin. It makes your skin feel thoroughly clear and is great for (non-sensitive) acne prone skin. Available in Superdrug.

So this is my Red Edit… feel free to show some love on this post and comment below with what you like from my Red selection!

Get yours from

Note: none of these products were gifted. All opinions are my own and no money or product was received for a feature in this post.


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