Little white lies.

Part 4 of my series of posts exploring grooming products, accessories and underwear in simple to follow colour stories, is finally here! This week’s instalment is: No little white lie. Little is sexier, than crisp white sheets and wearing classic white undies, and this post is a celebration of classic manstyle. Want part 1? Red for Filth or part 2? Out of the Blue or even part 3? They Call Me Mellow Yellow

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water

I use this light mist as a toner/ cleanser before bed to prepare the sling for moisturising – it’s gentle on the skin and clears the pores nicely. La Roche Posay are not cheap, but they are quality and this is a non-negotiable essential for my bed time routine!

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Me and sleep are not bffs! After years of unsociable hours, even now I find it hard to get into a good sleep cycle. The This Works deep sleep spray is magical though, the fragrance has a soothing effect and helps slumber come a little more quickly!! I live this stuff.

Henrii Lloyd Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 – Marine Extracts

Funny this was, that I had no idea this was tinted moisturiser when I got it! I had tried the standard moisturiser before and it was ace! It’s a really subtle tint that really just adds a sweet glow to the complexion and brightens the skin up. A great staple for a busy guy. Available at Holland and Barrett

Gruum Kare Daily Moisturiser – Green Tea, Sage & Rosemary

This moisturiser smells like bliss. It’s a standard formulation that will suit most skin types, but the kicker is the fragrance. It smells soooooo good.

Philip Kingsley Sunshield UV Protection

This is sun protection that protects the scalp and doesn’t mess with the natural flow of your hair style. I have supper thin hair, so this is an extra layer of protection against us rays… much needed in the upcoming summer months! On sale at Fragrance Direct

Edward Underwear Tanga Briefs

Loving the tanga cut on the newest members of my underwear collection. Super comfy fabric that allows everything to sit comfortably and supported! The comfort is out of this world – and the tanga cut is a flattering one on men of all shapes and sizes.

Bath and Bodyworks Portoscent Car Fragrance Refill – Mahogany Teakwood

This is one of those ultimate masculine fragrances that I just adore. It is a super strong scent and the Porto scent sachets are amazing (not least because they are cheap for my friend to send through the post for me!) Woody and airy – this is a top car fragrance.

Molton Brown Bodywash – Coco & Sandalwood

In case you hadn’t guessed it I am a big fan of earthy woody fragrances and the coco and sandalwood fusion is no exception. I love it.

Edward Underwear

Of all the colour edits, I am loving this classic white collection – after all I am a classic sort of guy! As always enjoying sharing my products with you! Feel free to show some love on this post and comment below with what you like from my Classic white selection!


Note: none of these products were gifted. All opinions are my own and no money or product was received for a feature in this post.

Tanga Briefs.

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