ThatIsBeyond… Green with Envy – a colour story.

The green-eyed monster.

Part 5 of my series of posts has arrived on Easter Sunday!!!

These posts explore grooming products, accessories and underwear in simple to follow colour stories ! This week’s instalment is: Green with Envy. And features a few of my all time favourites! As always this post is a celebration of classic manstyle just as it might be in OZ! Want part 1? Red for Filth or part 2? Out of the Blue part 3? They Call Me Mellow Yellow or even part 4? No Little White Lie

Bath and Bodyworks Pocketbac – Cucumber Melon

Fresh and fruity, this pocketbac is the perfect blend of smelling great and being really useful. Perfect for spring summer and handy in these Corona times.

Schwartzkopf 3D Men Sion Anti-Dandruff Tonic let me start by saying – that this product pretty much cured my dry flaky scalp! I was so self-conscious and I found that after a week of uses it worked for me and there was a noticeable difference in the condition of my scalp.

Molton Brown Bodywash – Silverbirch

Literally my all-time favourite fragrance from Molton Brown! The Bath Salts are life-changing and this body wash just smells divine – in case you hadn’t noticed I like the fragrance a lot! Woody and fragrant it’s a bathtime hit!

Murdock London British Cologne – Renshaw

The black tea fragrance and fougere are two of my holy grail fragrances, but the Renshaw cologne offers a deeper and fuller fragrance that lasts all day. This is a heavier and masculine scentsation which gives that old school barber shop feel!

Bath and Bodyworks Stress Relief Hand Cream – Eucalyptus & Spearmint

A great formulation that is moisturising and works deep into the skin. The minty scent is fresh and long lasting too! Perfect for these changeable months where your hands are taking a beating!

Box Menswear Briefs – Green

You can’t Hugo wrong with box menswear – supportive, great range of colours and a good fit as well. These briefs are a staple and are great for everyday wear.

Below the Belt Instant Clean Balls – Fresh

This product has one purpose and one purpose only, to freshen up your balls! This cooling spray spritzes your boys and leaves them feeling great before your get your box briefs on!

Box Memswear in green!

As a fella with green eyes, green is complimentary and makes my eyes pop!

There are many great colours that we should not be afraid of and why not be a bit more experience tap with colour. Whether it’s grooming or fashion, there is something fun in this edit for everyone!

As always enjoying sharing my products with you! Feel free to show some love on this post and comment below with what you like from my Green Selection!


Note: none of these products were gifted. All opinions are my own and no money or product was received for a feature in this post.

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