HAPPY NEW YEAR! So to bring in the New Year, I thought i would write a post about one of my favourite discoveries of 2013…Bergamot! Now the pic that i have presented you may be a bit misleading (in the sense that this really isn’t a review of this Topman Aftershave as such) but instead […]

That is beyond…My collection of hairstyling.

That is beyond… My collection of hairstyling. Now I’m not gonna lie, I have very little understanding of my own hair. It is fine and dry and (sometimes) greasy and its long and short!!! To be honest it’s no wondering have been perpetually confused. One day I promise myself I’ll go to someone who knows […]

That is beyond the lynx effect!

Now I don’t know about the lynx effect ( in my lifetime I have never known a girl go crazy for the smell of a £1 shower gel) but it seems to be a staple of most of my gym going mates. Maybe this is because its cheap? Maybe it’s because of the advertising? Maybe […]

Nivea men – Silver Protect

As a larger male, I sweat a fair amount! I am just putting it out there! Over the years I have very much been of the school of just buying whatever deodorant or anti perspirant is on offer, and this has got me into some (quite literally) sticky situations! Any product that claims 48 hour […]

Thatisbeyond…Olympia beauty

A few weeks ago, I attended Olympia beauty with my wife. I did not know what to expect from it, and ordinarily this would not be my scene at all, but I was pleasantly surprised that a small proportion of the arena was actually dedicated to male grooming. There were two standouts for me at […]