Thatisbeyond suggests loving yourself this valentines day!

Whatever your relationship status, don’t forget that valentines day is the day of love – and trust me when I say that it’s worth spending (if only a little) time and money on yourself, because whatever your intentions for valentines (and let’s keep it clean here gents!) if you’re looking and feeling good, that’s exactly how your date/ wife/ random that you meet is gonna feel.

So from me to you this valentines day, here are a few tips and tricks I would suggest to make sure you get everything you want this “Love Day”!

So let’s get down to it (so to speak!)

Be well Trimmed!
Any current or prospective partner (whether for a date or intimacy) is gonna want to see that you have made an effort. So take a few minutes to have a decent shave (and not your usual scrape of the face as you are shooting out of the door for work! Make sure you do a good job of it, it shows you take pride in your appearance.
If you you have an established beard (I am by no means saying shave it all off) but again show that you have made an effort – make sure it’s cleanly shaped and well conditioned. Get rid of the scraggly bits by giving it a little trim.
Of course you can do this all yourself at home, but if you fancy it, treat yourself to a professional doing it instead.
And on the subject of trimming, whatever your desired aesthetic in the underwear region (each to their own,as they say) make sure that you have given yourself the best opportunity:

– the minutes you spend on preparation, could easily pay off in hours of rewards!

Dress To Impress!
Now I am no fashion expert, but I would suggest you find a happy middle ground between you feeling comfortable (helps keep the nerves at bay) and making an effort (trackie b’s just ain’t gonna cut it!)
I don’t think that there is any need to wear a tie (unless you have picked a top notch restaurant) for most, the discomfort will outweigh the effort!
As with life make sure everything fits you well – make the most of what you have got, and again you will feel more confident ( if reading ‘the game’ taught me nothing else, it taught me to be confident in what I have.)
Just in case… Where decent underwear. That doesn’t mean it has to be branded or expensive, wear what your comfortable in (and what will enhance your manhood) for me this is aussiebum’s

But again it’s what works for you

– repay the effort that has been made for you by reciprocating that effort.

Wear Good Shoes!
It is a well documented fact that women are very judgemental about a man’s shoes (rightly or wrongly) don’t let that be the reason that you miss out this valentines day!

Give Your Skin A Fighting Chance!
Now is the time to start downing the old H2O. In a couple of days you can really notice the difference. Get some sleep! (An oldie but a goodie) again the benefits this will give your skin are only rivalled by drinking lots of water. Lay off the alcohol (it saves you some cash for the big day and will reduce the negative effects on your skin) also don’t drink too much on the date, you’ll act like an idiot (not a great impression to make) and in the event of some valentines Eve/ the morning after action – you might not be as up for it as you intended. (enough said)
Continue your standard skincare routine don’t change products to something you haven’t tried (it always ends in disaster). If I was gonna add anything to my normal routine, I might just add a face mask the night before but other than that keep it the same, take care of yourself.

– it’s time to suck up the male pride and spend a little time, just you, a face mask, and an early night (with a glass of water on the nightstand)!!!

Wear some! Not on shaved skin, it’s bad for your skin, but a tad behind the ears and on your wrists.

– a friend of mine said that he wears an old school fragrance on a first date, something that will remind the date of the guys that they dated at school, he said it’s usually a good talking point because they will recognise it instantly!

What’s The Right Gift?
When you’re in a relationship ( however broadly the term is used) underwear is acceptable, but make sure it’s about what they will feel good in, and not just what turns YOU on (your shy retiring gf might not want a pair of sequined nipple tassels however attractive you find Dita Von Tease!)
Think thoughtful, red roses and posh chocolates are nice, but require zero thought and very little imagination! I’m a married old codger, so for me, I like to get my wife a piece of furniture she’d like for the house or tickets for another date night in the future. Mostly she just wants quality time to spend with me, that time doesn’t need to be on February the 14th, but a card is definitely required.

-underwear is acceptable, but make sure it’s about what they will feel good in not what turns YOU on!

And my final tip for you, is one passed on to me by the head of my acting course!

Whether you are a guy or a girl, dating a guy or a girl, if you want to end up in bed, put the time into making the bed! No one wants to be intimate in a bed that has lumpy bumpies in it, and if you can’t take 30 seconds to neaten it up why are they gonna give you 30 mins + (here’s hoping!) of their time.

Moral of the story… Make your freaking bed!

Have fun


That is beyond… The basics of skincare for the modern man!

Good morning,

And welcome to the basics of good skincare. This blog isn’t going to look (too specifically) at brands of products, but instead a few simple steps to start you daily skincare routine off in the right way. (Depending on how quick you shower, this is a realistic 15 minute routine.)

Firstly shower! Most of your skincare can be done in the shower so make sure you keep your products to hand.

The hot water from the shower will have opened up the pores a little, so keep your head out of the water stream whilst you use a cleanser. (People make the same mistake with shower gels too! Step out of the water stream to apply the product, or you are literally paying to wash it down the sink!) A cleanser does exactly what it says on the tin, it cleans! So whilst the pores are open, it will remove the gunk from them and leave you looking fresh faced. There are loads on the market from creams to gels to foams, and they are at different price ranges. I tend to use the ‘simple’ foaming cleanser (which I have reviewed in the link below! #pluggingit!)


To take the dead skin off, exfoliation is vital. Now your skin type is important to consider (branding is not always an indication of whether it will be suitable for your skin) some will be too astringent and others won’t. Neutrogena is a good example, their grapefruit exfoliant is far too harsh for my skin, but much of their other products are fine. Lush staff have a great product knowledge so if you are unsure start there and see what they have to offer.
Whichever you choose gentle massage the product in small circular motions into the skin, and after a minute or two rinse off! Simple!

This is so important for your skin, whatever products you use, some of the natural moisture will have been removed from the skin (hence it needs to be replenished) even if you have oily skin, you CANNOT skip this step! There are all different moisturisers on the market, I like one that is not too heavy on the skin so I am currently using one by GROOMED. It is a light cream that does a good job but never leaves the skin feeling greasy! (It also has SPF 15 in it) but there are loads to suit all skin types so have a look and see what suits you.
I used to think that my greasy skin didn’t need moisturiser as it would make it even greasier, but the soap I was using was drying my skin out and then my skin and then my body would make more oil to lubricate it #viciouscircle. So by moisturising well, you control the oil levels keeping you skin looking pristine.

Don’t forget your body skin either! There are great products for nourishing the thicker skin on your body.

Have a look at my Opulentia Organics
Review here:

So it’s as simple as that, why not give it a go? Any questions you have, why not tweet me @thatisbeyond and I will do my best to answer them.


That is beyond…My marathon training must haves!

That is beyond… My marathon training must haves!

Pictured above are some of my marathon training must-haves. As you may already know TIB (aka me!) is running the Stockholm marathon! This will be my first one and so I am working through a schedule to make this even possible. Some of the key factors for me are as follows:

A) due to my work pattern, I have to do most of my training at night.
B) I live and work in London
C) I do short runs for general fitness and longer runs specifically building up to the big M!
D) I have currently run 136.7 miles.

Firstly, I can’t express enough the importance of good trainers. I have given you two examples here, firstly the nike lunar glide
These are the newest edition to my running kit and they are seriously like running on trampolines!!!! The support is amazing and really cushions the impact away from your knees and ankles. These are not like any other trainers I have tried (and trust me I have tried a fair few!) and they do take some getting used to. But for my money these are great for road running – and as I have to train mostly running home from work on roads and pavements – I think this has probably been a good test of them. £69.99 and worth every penny.
Next are the Adidas Kanadia 5 mens trail running trainers.
These are great for shorter runs on mixed terrain – I literally love these, they are so comfy, but the more road running I was doing, the more I needed more support and so I team the trainers with the exercise (these are also great for tennis, squash and AstroTurf based sports) they were around the £60 mark but some sizes are now on sale.

A little side note (why change the habit of a lifetime??!!) lillywhites, are in the centre of Piccadilly Circus and they offer a great service of having your run analysed. I always recommend this. They will pop you on a treadmill and film how your feet hit the ground etc, and then can show you the best trainers for your stride – this is a free service, and I have to say that they give you options in all price ranges ( not just the heftily priced ones!)

Also this rather fetching! Running jacket was a reasonable £14.99 too. It is a good windshield and is water proof enough for my needs. It has the reflective strips that are important for night running ( and let’s face it, you are NOT gonna be missed in this bright yellow neon fabric) it’s light weight and folds up really small.

The next two must haves ( and I mean MUST haves) are products that, if you are a regular reader of my blog, you will be familiar with:

The Champneys anti-chafing gel & the Molton Brown sport, body warming sports balm. In short the Molton brown is a muscle heater, that smells amazing and the Champneys is the saviour of my nipples and man bits. Stops skin chafing on other skin and fabrics. This is particularly good on your pant line (I wear a supportive brief for sports) and this stops the painful effects of rubbing. Most of you will be familiar with the fact that some runner’s nipples actually bleed from chafing ( owchhhh!) but this lubricates them and ensures that this doesn’t happen!
In depth blog posts
& here:

My next three items are all technology based, now it’s important to me that I have the right music and a set of earphones that stay in my ears! (Without falling out every two seconds). The set I got were from Asda and come with different sized attachment to fit different sized ears! I canny find them online, but these rare great and were about £8, so a bargain as well.
The nike running app is a great bit of kit.
It’s free
It’s motivating
It measures your distance of run
It measures your time of run
And allows me to run with my mates: Emily in reading, Matthew and Josefine in Stockholm, and Pammy in Peru.
Fora technophobe (like me) it’s easy to use. And it’s convenient!
My light up arm band is great too, it is reflective and lights up and again, it’s so small you can carry it around with no worries, for a spur of the moment run, it’s another aid that could just make you that little bit safer on the mean streets of North London!

As a longer haired gentleman, it is important to keep the hair out of my eyes, but also important to stop sweat attacking my eyeballs! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the bandana!!! Now this is an old trick that I learnt from some rather attractive ladies on the Middlesex university mixed hockey team, you fold the bandana in half (making a triangle) – then you fold it into a thick strip- then tie the ends together behind your head and tadah! This does the trick and it cost about a pound!

My final thought for you is …
Safety is paramount.
I always carry my bank card, my Oyster card, and some small change in my runners pouch. If I get injured, lost or knackered, I can always find another way of getting home. I don’t take this lightly, I have sustained an injury before and had no option but to walk on it for 3 miles to get home. What should have recovered in a couple of days took a month, I will never make that mistake again.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it.


That is beyond… An appeal from my eyebrows!!!!!

Hello, my name is thatisbeyond I’m 29 and I have old man eyebrows! (I’m glad that’s off of my chest!)

I am getting more and more hacked off with my own eyebrows – it seems like daily the over eye slugs are getting more and more monstrous, and to be honest I am too scared to tackle them (you know those guys, the ones who have plucked just a few too many hairs, how do you know when you’ve gone too far) I am scared if I start, that I might not know when to stop… And then it will be too late!

So what do I do to keep on top of them?

If I trim them I risk losing fullness

If I pluck them, I could end up looking like a lady

If I leave them I prematurely age myself by a year or 30


Maybe I should shave em off and use a sharpie instead (this is of course a joke)

So If you have some tips for keeping my eyebrows tip top, why not tweet me with some suggestions.


Thanks, in advance, for your assistance on this one


That is beyond… More than packaging. Something I didn’t know about the bluebeards revenge.

That is beyond… More than packaging. Something I didn’t know about the bluebeards revenge.

I treated myself to ‘the ultimate deodorant for real men’ from I have read a lot of blogposts about the bluebeards revenge and it’s all good stuff. So I thought why the hell not!

I had to blog this before I have even had the chance to use the product however, because of the packaging! I have to commend the bluebeards revenge on the best packaging I have come across. It just goes to show that packaging can be so much more than just cardboard. Bringing awareness to male affecting cancers is vital to combatting them in the future.

The packaging features common symptoms, statistics and details of the Orchid helpline should you have any worries:

“Orchid exists to save men’s lives from testicular, prostate and penile cancers through a range of support services, promoting awareness and pioneering research.

If you are at all worried please go to see your GP or contact the orchid male cancer information nurses by emailing:”

As guys sometimes we’re a bit embarrassed to talk about our junk (others are all too happy to discuss it!) but it’s easy to keep an eye out for any symptoms.

This is so much more than a deodorant, and as I always say what’s the use of looking after your looks if you are not looking after the rest of you???!

Well done the bluebeards revenge


That is beyond…Murdocks London! A place with style and personality.

That is beyond… Murdocks London! A place with style and personality.

For Christmas I received a gift of a traditional wet shave at murdocklondon. I had never been there before and was more than happy to utilise the voucher for a little day of relaxation! (It really is THE life!) So on Thursday I made my way to my 11.30 appointment at their flagship branch off of seven dials ( I believe they have six stores currently)

On entering the building, you are hit with a level of cool that I couldn’t muster within myself in a month of Sundays. ( and I mean cool in an old skool way, not cool as in annoyingly trendy.) This is how I imagine my batcave (were I batman! Which I am not by the way!) it reeks of quality and even better than that, the gents that run this establishment offer the best service and polite (and unobtrusive) conversation that I have ever experienced. There is no ” isn’t’ the weather terrible” “you been anywhere nice recently”. A proper conversation was had. I have mentioned before, that I absolutely detest hairdressers chair conversations, quite often I take a vow of silence! But this place was different, it’s probably akin to having a shave down the pub with your mates (a pastime that I hold in the highest esteem!)

The range of products Is on point, there is a large selection of key products which are all manly and with no frills attached. You have traditional shaving products, haircare and candles, as well as a great selection of aftershaves which without exception smell amazing and gentlemanly. With love day coming up this is the one stop gentleman’s shop, and I can guarantee that they won’t be disappointed.

Shaving me, was Ryan, who is without a doubt a very cool guy with a great personal style. He bantered with me, in a professional way, and as I showed an interest, talked me through what he was doing and why. It was such a relaxed environment ( tbh I would happily sit there all day and have a chat).

Ryan did a great shave , smooth as a baby’s bottom and also provided me with some great tips for how to shave my specific face, and a few dos and donts of skincare too. Maybe I am showing my age but I (just about) remember the days when the barber shop was a place of education, where the men in your family would bond at the barbershop, it’s well documented that most picked up their condoms from the barbers (a tradition that is kept alive in burdocks as well) it has a great atmosphere and there is no hard line sell on the products, although after Ryan had finished I wanted to buy everything. These guys are artists and I appreciate that creative environment.

What do I want for valentines day… Another date at murdock’s London (so to speak!) I left feeling 10 times better than I did going in, and included in the price is that I left feeling just a little bit cooler!

There are packages and products available online.

The traditional Murdock wet shave is £45 
The luxury Murdock wet shave is £55

So get on to to book an appointment or to browse their range of luxury products.

And to the gentlemen of Murdocks London (if you are reading this) … I will be back!

Thatisbeyond… Trying to look good!

I work in the performing arts. Both as a performer and in my between job, job if you catch my drift! I would say that there is a lot of pressure to keep looking good… All of the time – as you’ll never know when you might bump into someone important of influential. And sometimes that sucks!
Since my return from Malta, I have been plagued by clogged and spot prone skin. This is not the fault of Malta, I have to add, but instead a return to the pollution filled (yet Beloved) city of London. This freak weather has also not been helping matters as I now look like a spotty furball that has just rolled out of the tumble dryer!!!!!
I have of course returned to my old favorites(in terms of my skin defences) but I have also looked at what is in my mounting collection of skin potions (Professor snape would be jealous) that might be able to tackle this so that I can look somewhat human again!
FIRST THINGS FIRST… now I don’t need to make any introductions here, all I can say is that ‘Grease Lightening’ from Lush may well have a resurgence of sales ( from me alone). It is great and gentle on the skin and it can work throughout the day and the night. And you really cant tell that you have slathered it over your face! It diminishes redenness ( and I have to say tenderness as well.) There is however, one spot that this has failed to have any affect on whatsoever and so I have brought the big guns out… the COLGATE. Yes you heard me correctly! Failproof solution, grab your tooothpaste and slather it on the affected area and let it dry before going to bed, by morning you will notice an amazing improvement if not a complete eradication of the spot…Boom!
I had to get some more Lush products to try out – the great thing about lush is that all of the staff are so knowledgable and they are not at all scary sales people … They just seem happy to help you out!

So the first thing I needed was a mask that was going to help my skin. I generally would say that I have an oily complexion, but when the weather gets cold (and it’s been freezing the last couple of weeks) my skin gets much more combination with some dry areas occurring also. A couple of options were suggested, but I decided to go with ‘love lettuce’ (clever play on words) which has some lavender in it and is perfect for combi skin. Again it’s a fresh mask but not as thick as some of the others. It has crushed almonds in it, so it has an exfoliating effect on the skin when you wash it off, but best of all, I have longish stubble at the moment, but this was not ploblematic, sometimes you can be scrubbing the stubble line for hours trying to remove the mask, but this was one sat nicely and really refreshed my skin.

I picked up a toning water, between the air con and the heating at work, sometimes in need to de grease and clear the skin, so it can breath! The tea tree water is that perfect product, it takes literally seconds to apply and just gives your skin the chance to breath and de clog, it comes in a spray bottle so is convenient.

I think I am well and truly over my fear of Lush, I walk in and just ask the questions that I want to, what’s so hard with that? And hopefully they will help keep my skin in tip top condition!


Thatisbeyond…welcome to my holiday grooming capsule

Welcome to my ‘Holiday Grooming Capsule!’

This gives you an idea of what I was going to take with me on my trip to Malta, and the pitfalls of customs and unclear signage!

Let’s start with fragrance…

2 x Givenchy Gentlemen only samples
1 x Pecksniff’s England. Men’s CLASSIC 10ml

Both of these made the full journey to the island of Malta with me. Ultimately I wanted to smell good and so these were a non negotiable! The Givenchy samples were great, maybe a little stronger than my usual preferred scents, but the stand out fragrance was definitely the Pecksniff’s fragrance ‘Classic’. Although it is classic in its ingredient list, it is a lighter and more modern version of that typical ‘English Gent scent’ I received a tester set of 10ml fragrances for Christmas, and my overall feeling for them is that they are classy and modern but based on the traditional pallet of fragrance. (A full review to follow soon of the complete set) but on the whole this was the most perfect light holiday scent that I could have chosen.

Next products for Hair:

1 x Lush dirty styling cream sample
Decanted Argan conditioner 80ml
Mission men earth and wind shampoo 80ml
Joe grooming grooming cream 50ml
American crew pomade travel size

Let’s start with the first victims of the customs officers at Gatwick Airport! I unfortunately (and unknowingly) was only able to take one clear plastic bag of liquids and so I needed to lose about a third of my products – so it was goodbye to the argan conditioner and the mission men shampoo ( reasoning being it would be cheap to replace and there was a good chance the hotel would provide these anyway). Mostly I used the joe grooming cream, which was a new @feelunique product and I have to say that I love it. You apply the cream onto wet/ towel dry hair and style it there and then. When it dries there is very little visible sign of product in the hair (hooray!) and yet it keeps the style in tact. A truly great product in my opinion.
I also took the American crew pomade and lush dirty styling cream which I used together for our nights out, where I was able to create some more texture through the style. I appreciate that three products for my hair is a little excessive, but as I used them all I don’t feel too guilty!

All of my Shower products I lost to the airport thieves in uniforms, as they were cheap to replace, but here is what was packed originally!

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men hair and body shampoo 30 ml
Decanted – original source lime shower gel 100ml
Soap and glory Soap’er Man hair and body wash 50ml

Now for Skincare! I should preface this section by saying that my skin goes mental in different climates! I literally never know how it will react sometimes it’s dryer/ oilier / greasier/more or less prone to spots, so I decided to take the whole shebang just in case!

Henri Lloyd Ocean mineral sun defence cream SPF 30 30ml
ELF zit zapper 6ml
Blistex medplus lip balm 7ml
Lush grease lightening spot treatment 45g
Montagne jeunesse for men peel off detox and degrease masque 10g
Montagne jeunesse for men Dead Sea mud tired skin reviving masque 25g

Now I have to say that I had to lose the Elf zit zapper 😦 it’s a lovely product and it works, for a pound though, it was cheap to replace (but replace it I will!) I have mentioned the montagne jeunesse masks before, but these were two new ones that I had yet to try… The clay mask was penetrating and zingy to the skin ( I would not recommend for anyone with really sensitive skin) but it is a man of a product that left my skin feeling rejuvenated and full of life. The peel off mask was great too, but I have to say that they never dry properly on the cheeks (I don’t know why???)
The lush lightening spot treAtment is as good as ever and probably the best £6 I have spent in recent months it dries the spot out and is has usually cleared the spot by morning. If you haven’t tried this, you must.
Blistex lip balm is a staple and will continue to be.
Henri Lloyd I love this product, this is an SPF 30 sun cream that I have used as a daily moisturiser. It is fit and I will be buying more of this range because you only hit on products like this rarely, this is a true man’s range with which I feel I am in safe hands. Henri Lloyd if you are reading this, if you need someone to test any future lines please contact me (no really, do!)

Deodorant/Hygiene products are:

Avon men roll on anti-perspirant 50ml
Soap and glory EAU man! Body spray 50ml
Bath and bodyworks pocketbac in Georgia bourbon peach 29ml

The final item that I lost was my avon roll on. I just felt my soap and glory spray was more useful overall ( my wife had to lose her deodorants too so the spray we could both use!) I would not have been without my pocket bac, its useful and small to carry around in its little holder, bourbon and peach flavour ( so lightly manly!) and my spray from sops and glory was good too. It’s on the heavier side with regards to fragrance but I like it none the less, I will be reviewing the full size soon but generally I have to say their range for men is quite strong.

And so that was a long post! But covers the ups and downs of my travel saga.

I finish by saying that better signage is needed on websites for travel – Stanstead and Gatwick airports have completely different rules and no where is it clearly underlined until it’s too late!

Rant over


Thatisbeyond… A Feelunique Sale

So…I was led to the feel unique sale, and I ordered a few things to add to my collection. This is my first impressions of feel unique and the products that I bought!

I had never heard of joe grooming, but I was attracted to the simple nature of the products and that they seemed to combat age old problems with conventional haircare. With the 50ml grooming cream – I liked the concept of a nourishing cream that enabled style to be achieved from wet hair without it being too… Producty! (I have such a way with words).
In the case of the 250ml hairspray – it was the “variable hold” angle that was most interesting to me, again the idea of not needing to use too much product, and that the product is not too evident in the style.

I have reviewed American Crew haircare before, but I had not come across their fragrance. (Tbh the last thing that I needed was another fragrance!) but I was intrigued to know what it was like this 50ml is perfect for travel and my initial reaction to the aroma is that it is indeed a classic fragrance with a modern twist. Clean, masculine & herbal I don’t think there’s much to dislike.

Last but not least, the Montagne jeunesse for men 6 pack of face masks:

2x deep pore cleansing masque – Dead Sea salt enriched
2x tired skin reviving masque – Dead Sea minerals enriched
1x detox & de-grease masque – ginseng and red grape
1x no mess fabric mask – blackhead blitzer

I have just used the black head blitzer and whilst you look like a bit of an idiot for ten minutes, my skin feels amazing. It really is mess free and easy to use and I will be buying more of these real soon. It nice to get a variation of products and these will last a while as you don’t need to use these every day ( or every week even).

So that was my mini haul and of course I will give full reviews of all the products at a later date, but before I round up this blog post I must give you some feedback on feel unique itself!!!!

They are a very easy to use website ( which my serious lack of technical ability is thankful for!) and there is SO MUCH choice, one the sales pages for mens products there were 33 pages!!! The products arrived safely and well packed and really quickly, what more can you ask for? I am a convert and I will be back to see what else feel unique has to offer us male groomers for sure!

Happy Grooming TIB

Joe Grooming Grooming Cream 50ml £2.50

Joe Grooming Hairspray 250ml £4.95

American Crew Classic Fragrance 50ml £8.70

Montagne Jeunesse Men’s Only Cello Pack x6 £4.00