Hi there,

Due to an unforeseen error, namely that the “aussiebum” cherry SPF 15 seems to be a fake. I am not going to review this product. There are a spate of people on popular online sales sites who use the word official, to dupe people into buying fake products. In this instance I fell for it and hence no review.

Aussie bum are much better known for their enhancing underwear and beach wear, and as a legitimate brand whom I like and respect, I am really disappointed not to have got the real McCoy as I have been excited to use a product which I assumed was developed for the outdoorsy guy.

Further to that, because this is a fake, I have no doubt in my mind that the claims of it being SPF 15 are unlikely to be true and hence I will not be using it.

Of course I have contacted the seller but so far have had no response.

Instead of this review I am going to follow this with a look at the Molton brown mens range including their fairly recent line of Sports related products.

Don’t let the fakes send you too far beyond!

That is beyond

The catch phrase of the present in my life! I am going to review the things that matter to me, and maybe along the way I will let slip some of the more interesting anecdotes of what is making me “beyond”.

In the business that I am in, it is important that I make the most of what I have to offer! This quite often means that I discover I have become somewhat metro sexual!!!

The products that I review will reveal a lot about the person that I am, and the people around me, I am not afraid of a bit of guy liner or manscara for the right occasion, but mostly this is about making the most of what I have In the short space of time I have to make an impression in.

So if you want to know what an ordinary guy does to make a ( hopefully) good first impression in a cut throat career, this may just be the blog for you!

To follow is my review of the aussiebum lip balm ( with factor 15 SPF)