I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but the weather has been more than ordinarily crazy recently. With had the winter rains and howling winds, beachy type sunshine, followed by overcast humidity and freezing cold nights!

All these changes are playing havoc with my lips! I have reverted back to a truly excellent range of products that are really reasonable and readily
Available. And they are made by Blistex. Their whole range is kind of androgynous ( so no need to worry about the implications of using them on the the tube!) and the two that I have found most beneficial for my cracked lips are : the Blistex intensive moisturiser, and the Blistex MEDPLUS for lips.

The intensive moisturiser comes in A small white tube (5ml) and does as you would imagine from he title it would, it softens and moisturises the dry area to help ease the causes of cracked lips. You can really feel it working deep into the lips, and is a bit of a miracle product. I was away this weekend and out in the cold weather for a charity gala all day, and had forgotten my intensive moisturiser (which was a big mistake that I will not be making again) my lips are now destroyed and I am having to use the moisturiser much more regularly to fix the problem than usual. My routine normally is that I will us this three times a day if I am out and about. And it seems to do the job! Blistex intensive moisturiser is around the £3.50 mark and is readily available from your usual high street stores and supermarkets. (Which considering how good it is, is a bargain!)

The Blistex MEDPLUS for lips is a great partner product and costs around £2.50 for a small pot.
This product tastes of cocoa butter and is nourishing without being a moisturiser. It is a conventional balm but does not have that annoying glossy texture that some other products do. And more importantly than that you can actually feel the product sinking into your lips! There is a kind of tingling sensation which really feels like it is getting to the root of the problem.
I heartily recommend these two products, especially as we’re heading into the colder months, get stocked up, while you can!

Thatisbeyond…Molton Brown for Men

Who knew Molton brown had a range for the modern man? Bought as a gift for me as a leaving present, I was not really sure what to expect. I knew of their high end hand soaps and bubble baths etc, but I had no idea that they had a mens range, let alone a range specifically aimed at the sports market. The brand and sports do not necessarily go hand in hand together, however I was intrigued to see what these high end (in the £15 to £30 a product range) had to offer.

In my gift box I received three products : the bracing silverbirch thermal muscle soak, the 4in1 Sportswash and the body-warming sports balm. (The latter two coming from the mens sports range).

Firstly I should say that all of these products are great and do exactly what they should do! Which is always a good start! The thermal muscle soak is my most used product – essentially warming bath salts, they are bright green and smell kind of woody. They claim to “soothe muscles, flush toxins and boost skin condition” and In honesty they do all of these things the aroma is proper relaxing and achy muscles are noticeably more relaxed after a long soak in these bath salts. This is a great product. It has style and I also love the packaging which looks great and is functional as it is metal and therefore unaffected by the moisture in the bathroom air. (£19 for 300g and what’s even better is you don’t have to use that much to get the effects of it!

Both of the other products are from the sports range. They are aimed at the active, gym going male that takes a bit of pride in their appearance. They are the same fragrance and I do not hesitate to say that they both smell very good! It’s manly but not in a 1950s old spice way it’s light and almost citrusy with a definite woody aroma as well.

The 4 in 1 sportswash (£16 for 200ml www. claims to be for body, face, hair and shave. I have not yet shave with it but for the first three boxes, it absolutely ticks them and it really does smell good. The letdown for me however is the packaging ( and yeah in the long run what does it matter? It’s only gonna go in the bin right?) but I really think that this packaging does not sell the great products that are inside it. It comes across as just another product on the high street, which this is not.

The star product in this range is the body warming sports balm. It is a natural warmth that is created and is perfect for pre or post exercise. And boy does this work, the effects are stronger and longer lasting than your traditional muscle warmer from the high street, not to mention the fact that it smells insanely better. I have been doing a lot of running, and this has been a godsend to me. At the time of purchase this was £18 for 200ml but is not currently available online. My one word of warning gentlemen is … Please make sure that you wash your hands properly after you use this product, trust me when I say that you don’t want this too close to “sensitive areas” if you know what I mean. THAT is a whole other story in itself!

This is a great line of products, which despite their price, I think are great. I will certainly repurchase the the muscle soak and the sportsbalm, I just wish the design in the sports range was better and more suited to a high end product.


Hi there,

Due to an unforeseen error, namely that the “aussiebum” cherry SPF 15 seems to be a fake. I am not going to review this product. There are a spate of people on popular online sales sites who use the word official, to dupe people into buying fake products. In this instance I fell for it and hence no review.

Aussie bum are much better known for their enhancing underwear and beach wear, and as a legitimate brand whom I like and respect, I am really disappointed not to have got the real McCoy as I have been excited to use a product which I assumed was developed for the outdoorsy guy.

Further to that, because this is a fake, I have no doubt in my mind that the claims of it being SPF 15 are unlikely to be true and hence I will not be using it.

Of course I have contacted the seller but so far have had no response.

Instead of this review I am going to follow this with a look at the Molton brown mens range including their fairly recent line of Sports related products.

Don’t let the fakes send you too far beyond!

That is beyond

The catch phrase of the present in my life! I am going to review the things that matter to me, and maybe along the way I will let slip some of the more interesting anecdotes of what is making me “beyond”.

In the business that I am in, it is important that I make the most of what I have to offer! This quite often means that I discover I have become somewhat metro sexual!!!

The products that I review will reveal a lot about the person that I am, and the people around me, I am not afraid of a bit of guy liner or manscara for the right occasion, but mostly this is about making the most of what I have In the short space of time I have to make an impression in.

So if you want to know what an ordinary guy does to make a ( hopefully) good first impression in a cut throat career, this may just be the blog for you!

To follow is my review of the aussiebum lip balm ( with factor 15 SPF)